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Bibo Ergo Sum Shotglass (Blue)

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For the intellectual drinker.
Kant famously said “I think, therefore I am”.

But, let’s face it, when pondering the meaning of life, it is always more revolutionary when coupled with a shot of booze! I drink, therefore I am!
(And, of course, it’s in Latin, ’cause that’s just how we intellectual drinkers roll!)


Each shot glass is custom made, so exact size varies slightly, approximately 4″ x 2″ x 2″

FTS Candle Votive with Shot Glass

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Ever had a day when it seemed everything turned into a flippin’ disaster?  Or, when you’re doing your best to embrace life, but the exhausting drama of those around you are completely HARSHING YOUR MELLOW?!!  Or, perhaps you have just finished watching the news! 

Sometimes you need to light a candle, take a breath and say FUCK THIS SHIT!

*PS: This intention candle votive comes with a shot glass, ’cause, let’s face it, sometimes life calls for a good, stiff drink. 


Speckled brown stoneware with Blue

Each item is custom made so measurements may vary
Votive: approximately 4″ x 3″ x 3″
Shot glass: approximately 2″ x 2″ 4″


Magnolia Platter

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Simple & Sweet.
The perfect dish for serving pastries, appetizers, crackers, asparagus, sushi, fruit, bread… honestly, we could go on and on.

The delicate magnolia design adds a bit of modern flare without overpowering the main superstar: your food!!

Measures approximately 14 x 6 x 1


Magnolia Sushi Tray

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Yeah Baby, Sushi! …. ’cause this is how you roll!

Perfect for those who crave sushi. (And, really, who doesn’t?!!) Not in the mood for sushi? No worries, this tray is great for appetizers, cookies, cheese, crackers, just about any finger food you can whip up. The bold magnolia designs makes a statement without overpowering the statement you make with the amazing foods you place on it.

The leather strap is hand embossed so everybody knows exactly “how you roll”!


Measures approximately 16 x 6 x 1


My Coffee. Mine! Blue

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When you’re serious about your coffee! And you want everyone to know it!

On those mornings (or let’s not kid ourselves, afternoons, and evenings, too) when people need to understand that you don’t mess with one’s coffee!

It’s My Coffee! Mine!!


Speckled brown stoneware with natural blue trim

Each cup is custom made so measurements may vary, but approximately 8″ x 3″ x 3″